One of our current Projects is the manufacture and assembly of two Drums weighing approximately 47.6 tonnes each. The manufacture of this project commenced in August 2020 with a tight delivery scheduled for early 2021. All employees at Abtec are working rigorously to stick to the project programme and we are now reaching our first major milestone of which Drum number 1 is fully fabricated, welded, inspected and ready to go to Machining. At current the diameter of the drum is over 4 metres with steel tyres to be added after machining, see below photos prior to delivery to the machinist. At Abtec we strive to provide a quality product on time and in a safe manner.

The drum will now spend 8 weeks at sub-contractors for specialist operations including final machining and concrete lining. The drum will then return to Abtec for full Assembly and a Test Run before being dispatched.

It is a difficult time due to Covid-19 but we are proud to keep safe, keep moving and keep manufacturing!

Here’s to progressing and meeting our next milestone, Drum number 2!